Questions our customers ask us

Frequently Asked Questions

How much advance notice do I need to give to book my trip?
Depending on the certificate the minimum advance notice is 30-90 days. Please check the details of the back of the certificate.

How long is my certificate valid?
Once the certificate is redeemed, through www.destinations2travel.com, you will have One Year to travel

What is the process to redeem the Travel Certificate?
Redeeming our travel certificates is simple. Simply go to our redemption website at www.destinations2travel.com. Click on the Redeem Certificate in the menu bar. There they will be required to enter in the certificate number. Once authorized, they will be requested to put in their name, address, phone, email. Once they click the submit button and email is sent to the automatically that gives them up to one year to schedule their vacation. It is that simple

Do I get to pick the hotel?
No. With this promotion, the wholesale travel consolidator chooses the hotel based on availability

Can I travel over a weekend or during holidays?
You can upgrade to a weekend and/or Holiday stay with an additional fee and depending on availability.

Is there a Time Share presentation that I have to attend?
NO There is never a time share presentation or anything you have to see or do to use this travel certificate.

Can I get more than one room on this promotion?

You can purchase additional rooms if available through the travel consolidator during the booking process at an additional charge.

What kinds of hotels are available on this promotion?
3 Star or Better hotels are used with this promotion in most cases

What happens if my requested travel dates are not available?

Your travel dates are usually available, unless you are requesting weekend or holiday travel. To better ensure your travel dates are available, please book your reservations in advance.